Spruce Creek Dock Installation & Repair

Dock Builders in Spruce Creek

We can fix it!

Along Spruce Creek in Port Orange and even over into Samsula-Spruce Creek, we take care of all your docks. We offer a selection of decking options from composite boards that look like real wood to flow through decking to allow the water to “flow through” without lifting the decking. If you need a creek side dock or a deck to expand your porch area give us a call.

Spruce Creek Dock Repair

Whether we are building a whole new dock or if you just need repairs, we want you to have a safe, functional dock that looks nice and expands your property for more outdoor enjoyment. That is where we excel. At your lakeside property we make sure to respect your neighbors, the environment and your property while installing your new dock. From HOA bylaw policies to narrow or water only installations, we can adapt to your unique property and get the job done.

Recent Dock Projects