Dock Installation & Repair

We Build Custom Docks in Volusia County

Dock Builders

If you are searching for a construction company to build a new dock for your property, we hope you give us the opportunity to give you a free quote and earliest start date! Whether you have a dock that needs to be removed, pilings that need to be replaced or just want to upgrade your current wood decking to composite decking, we can make it happen!

No two properties are alike and we understand this as dock builders here in Volusia County. We have the Atlantic Ocean, St. Johns, Halifax River, Indian River and a ton of lakes west of 95. Each one of these property types require a different approach to our construction process. From erosion control, pollution control to waterfront access for our equipment, our crew knows how to adjust to your specific property needs and limitations. Live in an HOA? We can stay within the rules of your bylaws and leave your neighbors jealous of your new dock or deck.

Composite decking can last 30 or more years and include anti-slip textures!

We can fix it!

Dock Repair

Have you been hit by storm surge? Lose a few boards over the years? We have seen it all. From small damage after a hurricane to a complete wipe out leaving only pilings, our dock repair services can cover any type of damage. When is the damage too much? We can evaluate and let you know. The last thing you want is for someone to come patch your dock and leave your family in danger when the structural integrity might be affected. We can put your mind at ease and evaluate your damage and give you an honest repair plan or let you know if the safest answer is replacement.

Dock Upgrades

We can help you upgrade your dock in so many ways. If you moved into a new home and would like to update your dock with personal preferences we are here to help you be the envy of the neighbors. Some of the recent upgrades we have done:

  • Boat lifts
  • Boat house roof
  • Kayak dock launch
  • Kayak dock rack
  • Handrails & Mesh fencing

Our Recent Projects